Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden التعليقات التطبيق



Worth $5

So much fun! Lasts for hours and you can choose the difficulty level. Engaging story! Highly recommend!


This game is one of the best games I've ever played I just wish you don't have to pay for the full game


This app is so great and fun


It's ok


Great adventure and fun!


Great game!

Loved It!!

Liked it so bought it and finished it in one sitting!!

G5 & Artifex Mundi are stars!

Undersea mystery, great graphics, nice palette - it's got it all.

Goo game

Good game for the price!


I really enjoy this game. Great graphics and challenges.

Wraith of Eden

Fun - fast pace, entertaining, not expensive. A great way to wile away a few hours enjoyably. Thanks

Great game

Overall entertaining!! Plenty of mini games, twists, and turns.


I revisit this game all the time. I love all the levels but I do wish you could fast travel to locations using the map

Awesome game

A lot fun to play and enjoy

Price high for short game

Game was well done and I enjoyed the game, however, for $4.99 I would have thought it would have been much longer. Finished it in one day. So that is disappointing. Should be more like $2.99.


👍🏾good game

4 stars

this was pretty easy...disappointed it cost $5.


love this game!

Top notch

Excellent game

It was very good

I thought the game was great. It had a good story line to it. The games are a bit expensive, but I believe all the games are that price. So I guess if u like u have to pay the price.


Fun game to pass the time

Worth it

Fun and entertaining, worth it to unlock the full version .

Great puzzles

Very enjoyable, has great puzzles

Awesome Games

I really enjoyed this game. It wasn't to easy or hard.

Really good

Although 5 bucks is kind of a steep price, if your willing to pay it you won't be sorry because it really is a great game

Enjoyable game

This game is fun and kept me coming back to finish it.

Fun game

Wish it were a bit longer. Really enjoyed this one!!

Really fun! Love it

Kept me entertained for hours, I just want a sequel.

Great game!

Love it - lots of fun!



I love this game

This game was awesome I hope I there is a sequel

Engaging and fun

This is a fairly easy treasure hunt and puzzle game. Very enjoyable with nice graphics and animation.


The game is pretty cool until you have to by the sequel. If you like adventure and mystery than this is your game

Love this game!!!

I absolutely loved playing this game!!! I love the adventure!!!


Cool but add a second what happened with Eden

Lots of fun

Lots of fun. Just wish it was longer!

So much fun!!

Cool story, beautiful graphics, and hours of fun!

Good stuff

I wish the demo was a bit longer, but I must admit I think I'm going to purchase it. The demo was fun & I just hope the full version is as enjoyable!

Great Game



I loved it!!

Top notch!

Great art, pretty long as these games go, reasonable puzzles, NO tile games :), nice balance. I liked it a lot!

Love this game

I love this game so much


I love the game it's so fun to play it over and over again! I love the concept too!


Pretty good


Great game only issue is the price. Kind of a tease!!!

Challenging and Fun

This has a good story line and also keeps me in suspense a little. :). The hidden object portions are challenging enough for me.


Love it



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